1. xangel0 Moderator 2wk 1d ago

    yay boss added! :P

  2. myri-chan 6wk 0d ago

    What a great honor :) thanks for adding me Sheqel \(^.^)/

  3. Jinzhou Retired Moderator 14wk 4d ago

    Holy wow! I can't believe this place is still going. What's upppppp?

  4. Osiris Retired Moderator 14wk 4d ago


  5. Taurec 29wk 6d ago

    En natuurlijk de beste wensen voor 2014 :)
    Tis wel een jaarlijkse traditie geworden om je Guestbook te bezoeken..

  6. shyxsakura Retired Moderator 29wk 6d ago

    hi old man ^3^
    it's 2014. so you're very, very old now ^^

  7. Alenas Retired Moderator 31wk 2d ago

  8. fireflywishes Retired Moderator 31wk 5d ago

    Heeeeeeey stranger, long time no see!

    ...btw, did you get rid of the golden color for Retired Mods? They're showing up the same color as a regular member on friend lists...

  9. pandemonium91 Moderator 31wk 5d ago

    Yay, the holiday skin is back! Also, hi :D *waves*

  10. Hooyaah Moderator 31wk 5d ago

    Sheq, thanks for adding the holiday skin!

  11. Hooyaah Moderator 32wk 1d ago

    Merry Christmas!

  12. Darthas Moderator 32wk 5d ago

    Last online 3 hours ago, Darthas says hi.